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Start Home Sewing and Embroidery Business

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The home sewing and embroidery business is a lively industry. Not only can you do fixing jobs, but you can do personalized orders as well. You are free to do customized work and capture loyal customers who can in turn refer people to you.

It’s a high touch industry. So if you want to profit in these kinds of business, this sewing business guide will show you steps how you can get started now.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to start right.

Develop a sewing and embroidery business plan.

The sewing business is not just merely sewing it also has all to do with running it in a balanced way. Plan to succeed. Put together a business plan that will cover bases like financing. What will be your budget for your start up cost for sewing business? Put together a business plan that will cover your business location. Where do you want to start your business? Do you want to start big or small? Decide also on your pricing.

Licenses for starting a sewing business

Talk with a paid business Consultant. Let him help you with your embroidery operation business licenses and permit requirements. Register a business name and professionalize your venture.

Set up your work place at home. 

Organize your home for business space. Separate home space from business space. You may want to add a showcase window to display your work. Make a portfolio of your previous work and embroidery designs. This will make it easier for embroidery clients to choose from. 

Checklist of supplies and equipment. 

List down what your business needs to operate daily. Then list down possible suppliers you can do business with who can supply your needs like fabrics and sewing machine equipment's. You will need to sit down and think about stocks that you want available in your home office but not to much to crowd your house. Have an inventory list of all your in home items. 

Hire an extra hand. 

When business begins to pick up, you will need extra hands to help you meet orders. Hire people who are skilled in this field and who are willing to work long hours to meet job order deadlines. Find people you can delegate tasks to with minimal supervision. 

Marketing your service. 

Put up a sign on your home space so people know you are in sewing business. Have business cards ready. Start with small orders first. Do jobs for your relatives, friends and initially in your neighborhood. Then slowly build up your practice by advertising through newspaper ads and create noise to attract more business. 

Manage your embroidery business. 

Management activities are essential in your home based business. First manage your money. Make sure you are ahead of the game. Know your numbers to keep you afloat. Next manage your orders. Sewing can get out of hand if you take on to much than you can handle. Delegate a few job orders thru your hired people. Then manage your production. Make sure all productions are done on schedule and properly. Do random checks on the finished work products of your staff. Finally manage your deliveries.

For Business Consulting: Rs. 2500/-
For Business Project for Loan Rs. 6875/-
Contact: 9566936899

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