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Starting a Shoe Factory Business

Monday, 5 October 2015

Are you thinking of opening up a business that will reap great profits? Do you like the idea of starting your own manufacturing business? Why not start your own shoe factory business?

Anyway, every person in this world needs a good pair of shoe. Learn more by reading the following guide and tips on how you can step your way to success.

Everybody needs a good pair of shoe. Some even needs a closet-full of shoes to make them happy. Shoes, therefore, are in demand any time of the year. With this, a business in the shoe industry is one of the most profitable industries that could bring success to any entrepreneur with the right skill and good business sense.

To startup a shoe factory business, a few things must be remembered in order to ensure stability and success in this trade. The following are some points and guidelines to be remembered in establishing your own shoe factory.

Secure a Shoe Factory Business License

The first thing to do is to contact the local zoning authority to ensure that the intended business site is within the allowable area for such type of factory. Then, secure the proper business licenses and permits. Ensure that all legal documents are processed to avoid potential legal impediments to your shoe factory. This may entail some cost, but this will save you more if the government authority discovers that your business lacks permit or is defective.

Determine Your Target Market

The next thing to do is to determine your target market for your shoe factory. Choose which type of shoe you would like to manufacture, whether sports shoes, formal shoes or if you can manufacture any type of shoes. To do this, you must take in to consideration the availability of raw materials in relation to the capital and skill you possess.

Create a Shoe Factory Business Plan

Every profitable business starts with a concrete business plan. This enables an entrepreneur to see every angle of the business and dealing with potential problems effectively. This also adds efficiency and stability to the business.

Accordingly, the business plan should include the business site, the machineries and equipment needed in manufacturing shoes, where to buy raw materials, the number of employees and your potential buyers.

The size of the manufacturing site should depend upon the size of the intended operation while reserving a space for possible expansion. The factory must be divided to different segments for different manufacturing stage. Also, the machineries and equipment should be positioned inside the manufacturing site while keeping functionality and convenience in mind.

As much as possible, hire employees who already has experience in shoe manufacturing. If this is not possible, reserve a portion of your capital for training employees to ensure the quality of your shoes.
Lastly, contact wholesalers and small shoe stores as your initial clients. Beware of wholesale clubs advertised in the Internet. Some of these are not legitimate or not good clients.

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